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About BJW Electronics

BJW Electronics Ltd. originated in 1981 as a result of a successful bid to purchase a complete service department of a failing consumer electronics retailer.

The service contracts obtained during this purchase have remained with us to this day and are an indication of our reliability and commitment to provide quality service and support to our customers.

Since we opened our doors for business in 1981, BJW Electronics Ltd. has seen huge and numerous changes as the world embraces electronics in the very dramatic way and as tubes have given way to microchips. Equipment has quite simply, Shrunk.

And BJW has grown steadily and expanded it’s scope. We’ve moved four times to accommodate that growth and diversification, and to accommodate a growing staff, carefully hand picked by our four partners for specialized expertise, a passion for electronics and great respect for our clients.

In 2001, we moved into a new 4,800 square foot shop on Millennium Blvd. in Moncton, New Brunswick. The new building provides an efficient, pleasant working environment for our staff and a very user friendly customer service center.

What hasn’t changed in more than three decades is BJW’s passion for electronics and a commitment to applying our expertise to any project we take on, from repair of professional or consumer audio/video equipment to assembly of computers systems to servicing automated bank machines throughout New Brunswick.

That passion and a consistent delivery of first rate service are the reasons we have earned the trust of over 50 major electronics manufacturers who have appointed us as a warranty service provider and five major retail chains who send all their service work to us.

It perhaps goes without saying that we adhere to strict regulatory mandates and protocols. As with our banking machine contracts, the integrity of our work as is important as the quality. We believe that this demonstrated combination of expertise, experience, solid business growth, and proven reliability makes us a logical choice for your computer and electronics service needs. We’ll work hard and smart to earn your business. It means a lot to us. Experience, expertise, and value.

Why would you go anywhere else? It’s easy to find someone to fix your television or stereo. The trick is finding someone that can do it right. At BJW, we’ve been doing it right for 30 years.